Sew And So


Sew & So Embroidery has been in business for over 20 years. The business was started in our den in 1992 as a way to be home with our two young daughters. What began with sewing children’s clothing, making sock monkey dolls and table runners quickly evolved into custom embroidery when we purchased our first embroidery machine to decorate the items that we created. Before long we were taking orders for custom embroidered apparel, we purchased more equipment and eventually this became our major focus.

As our daughters grew, so did the business and sometimes we wondered if we created a monster! It outgrew the den, and three other buildings since then, we hired some help and the rest is history. Amber, our oldest daughter provides creative input that is priceless to us. Amber is now staying at home with her own sweet daughters. Mike, my husband, is the brains behind keeping all the equipment running smoothly.  We hired sweet Chelsea and she has been a real asset to Sew & So. Her knowledge of social media and photography has helped tremendously to market the business. Chelsea is also extremely creative and is up on the latest trends in embroidery and gifts.

We have truly been blessed in our family and our business. His blessings and a lot of hard work have completed our dream of having a successful family business.

At Sew & So Embroidery, we pay attention to detail from start to finish. From the moment your item comes into our work station the TLC begins. We are a small business, so we really make sure to pay attention to the details of what you want.

We really care about what you think and we go to great lengths to get the WOW factor. When you pick up your is like unveiling a work of art...

Artistry in Thread!

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Michael & Diane Mast, Amber Mast Jackson & Chelsea